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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Poverty-related issues in the news, from the Institute for Research on Poverty

October 16, 2020

Two new studies show the effect of the emergency $2 trillion package known as the Cares Act and what happened when the money ran out.


“It is a big deal for states and businesses.”


If so many people are out of work and on the edge of eviction or foreclosure, how come we’re not seeing more evidence of economic disaster? Why hasn’t it…


Millions have applied for unemployment benefits, but many low-wage workers who needed the most help this spring couldn’t get it, report says.


Efforts to prevent fraud in state unemployment systems are outdated, hurting millions of people with legitimate claims by causing lengthy and unnecessary delays while not managing to catch much fraud.


At a time when America labor has been redefined and essential employees are celebrated as everyday heroes, Florida voters in November will decide whether the value of work should change, too.


Court-ordered fines and fees are a big business in Colorado, generating $132.8 million in 2019 alone, according to a new state report. Fines and fees resulting from court cases disproportionately a…


Studies show that food insecurity has doubled overall and tripled among families with children due to the pandemic.


Some low-income students have dropped out, and there are growing concerns about hunger and homelessness.


The crisis’s economic damage has been especially devastating to some of the world’s poorest nations.