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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Poverty-related issues in the news, from the Institute for Research on Poverty

February 7, 2020

The labor market started the year where it left off in 2019, with solid hiring.


A study reports a 15% increase in the past three years among homeless students, with a 137% spike in those living on the streets


The raise of $100 a month for 29,000 families is the first since 1986.


“They’re struggling as it is, so when we add this new layer to their everyday routine of, how am I going to get food? how am I going to eat? it just adds a harmful burden for these kids,” one teacher said.


Governors of both parties are warning that a little-noticed regulation proposed by the Trump administration could lead to big cuts in Medicaid, restricting their ability to pay for health care for low-income Americans.


“Thank God I’m … not the CEO of a rural hospital.”


Every first-time parent in the city will soon be eligible to receive as many as six home visits from professionals.


Across the United States and Europe, software is making probation decisions and predicting whether teens will commit crime. Opponents want more human oversight.