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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Poverty-related issues in the news, from the Institute for Research on Poverty

Rapid Rehousing

Attacking homelessness with ‘rapid rehousing’, By Tim Henderson, April 21, 2015, Stateline: “Two years ago Jenaie Scott had a $20 an hour cleaning job, which was plenty to cover the rent for a modest apartment on the west side of this state’s capital city. But Scott lost the job in a 2013 downsizing, setting off a downward spiral that led her and 5-year-old son Jyaire into homelessness. ‘I had other jobs, but they just didn’t pay enough, and eventually they put an eviction notice on my door,’ Scott recalled. She and Jyaire moved in with relatives, then begged for space in the back room of a church and finally started sleeping in her car. ‘I came here crying. I was so upset,’ Scott said from the offices of Catholic Charities in Trenton, where she turned for help last year. With her strong history of work, she qualified for a local ‘rapid rehousing’ program, which put her and her son in an apartment within a month…”