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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Poverty-related issues in the news, from the Institute for Research on Poverty

Day: May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020

The United Nations predicts that a global recession will reverse a three-decade trend in rising living standards and thrust half a billion people into extreme poverty.



AUSTIN — Texas has won federal permission to replace the value of free or discounted school meals that 3.6 million low-income school children have lost…


The Federal Reserve Bank on Thursday reported just how unequally the coronavirus-induced economic downturn is hitting Americans.


Unemployment benefits are taking a long time to reach Florida residents, which could prove challenging as a moratorium on evictions soon expires.


A growing number of states are turning to the federal government to help pay unemployment benefits to millions of Americans left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic.


“What I’m seeing is a lot of clients who are eligible to apply for unemployment are simply too afraid to do so,” one immigration lawyer tells NPR.


A federal judge is close to ruling on whether a GOP-backed measure requiring felons to pay court fees is constitutional. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill after Floridians overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to felons.