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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Poverty-related issues in the news, from the Institute for Research on Poverty

Day: May 8, 2020

May 8, 2020

The U.S. jobless rate for April is put at 14.7 percent, with 20.5 million jobs lost, figures that almost certainly understate the economic devastation.


Experts say that for the first time since 1998, global poverty will increase. At least a half billion people could slip into destitution by the end of the year.


As the unemployment rate skyrockets and over 20 million are out of work, some are slipping through the giant holes in the U.S. safety net.


The Michigan Poverty and Well-Being Map has been published since 2017 as part of an effort to assist federal, state and local poverty alleviation


Houston has the second largest number of census tracts in the country that went from a poverty rate of below 20 percent in 1980 to a poverty rate of higher than 30 percent in 2018.


Many Americans are angry their coronavirus relief checks were garnished for their spouse’s overdue child support payments, a mistake the IRS is working to fix.


Democrats are seeking to raise benefits as research shows a rise in food insecurity without modern precedent amid the pandemic. But Republicans have balked at a long-term expansion of the program.


As much of daily life goes online, the pandemic is shining a light on the digital divide for the 350,000 Arizona families without internet.


Struggling child care providers across Massachusetts say their prolonged closure for the coronavirus pandemic may result in their economic ruin, leaving working parents in the lurch.